Understanding the Problem in the Church Today

Study shows that today you will find more than 33,000 denominations in the Church. Precisely why are there a few numerous denominations? Just how can we conclude this cycle which perpetuate the development of new denominations?

Precisely why did the beast prevail Church Texting  the saints of God? – At what time did this happen? – What had been the consequences? What occurs when you develop on a faulty foundation? What must we do right now to come up with the bride of Christ prepared for the marriage of the Lamb of God?

We’ve entertained these questions, besides answering these questions, the Holy Spirit supplies revelation information which brings clarity to the difficulty which made the division in the church and also offers certain actions which we are able to take to press forth and work as one to come up with the bride of Christ prepared for the marriage of the Lamb of God. God has placed a few works in the hands of ours; we talk about these works in love.

All of the following is actually an excerpt from the launch of the newest book of mine, “Edifying the Body of Christ: Unbinding the Strong Man”

There’s just one body of Christ, the Church. I pray in the title of the Lord of ours as well as Saviour Jesus Christ that we come together as one and finish this division with the Church. As Paul addressed the church of God at Corinth, I pray also that all of us speak exactly the same thing.

These days the Church is actually experiencing division because several churches made mistakes in addition to Satan has been good at creating the strong male to be bound to these churches. Today some Christians are actually holding on to traditions. Nevertheless, these traditions aren’t the traditions which were instructed by the word of God.

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